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Language laboratory SmartClass ++

Award-winning language lab designed for Language Teachers Any-Time Any-Place Any-Device SmartClass+ allows teachers to create a variety of activities students can complete in class or at home

BalanceBox® Wings - the touch screen whiteboard frame

As digital touchpanel technology is entering more classrooms and conferencerooms around the country, traditional writing surfaces are often lost to the teachers. Now BalanceBox® is offering the ultimate solution with the WINGS whiteboard frame. A range of modular standardized products in three sizes, WINGS-4 for a double-sided pivoting whiteboard surface on the left and right side of the touchpanel. WINGS-6 for 2 fixed whiteboard surfaces and 2 double-sided pivoting whiteboards, two on each side of the touchpanel. Equipped with the best dynamic height adjustable mount on the market today, the BalanceBox® 650 or e.Box®.

BalanceBox - Height adjustable mounts

The new standard in height adjustable mounting solutions for touch screens and interactive whiteboards: BalanceBox®.

Interactive magic floor Funtronic

What is a Funtronic Floor? A Funtronic Floor is an interactive projection tool that is simultaneously an interactive floor and table, being a didactic aid designed for exercises, games and all motion-based activities together with a set of multimedia content intended for children of pre-school and school levels, as well as for rehabilitation of adult people and the elderly.

Bodet Harmonys 5-in-1 System

Class Change System PA System Control Buttons for Lockdown, Evacuation etc. Music Synchronised Clocks

Софтуерен проект за управление на класната стая - NetSupport

Фирма Вали Компютърс е дистрибутор на английската фирма NetSupport, която предлага софтуер за цялостно управление на класната стая.


С цел да отговорим на Вашите индивидуални изисквания и необходимост, Ние създадохме за Вас ПРЕНОСИМАТА КЛАСНА СТАЯ Mobii Classroom, която включва: - Таблети /от 10 до 20 таблета/ - Учителски десктоп или преносим компютър FUJITSU Lifebook - Софтуер за управление на класна стая NetSupport School - Мрежови хардуер


„Вали Компютърс“ ООД е сред най-успешните и утвърдени партньори на българските училища, спечелила доверие и реализирала проекти в над 550 училища в цялата страна по проект „ИКТ в училище“ на първите три етапа.